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Okanagan Coin Collectors

Professional Coin, Gold & Silver Buyer

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We Buy Coin Collections

We purchase Gold, Silver & Platinum Bullion, Bars, Maple Leafs, Rounds, Ingots, Wafers etc.

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We purchase Gold, Silver & Platinum Bullion, Bars, Maple Leafs, Rounds, Ingots, Wafers


We are able to purchase LARGE and small coin collections.  Any size, any amount!

Variety of Coins

There’s been a growing crowd of Product enthusiasts emerging in recent years. This comes as no surprise here at Okanagan Coin Collectors, as we find there is always a something new - or old! - to discover! Interestingly, a recent trend has been the use of Product for art works and fashion, and we’ve seen some beautiful results. Come by our store and take a look at all our Product, or check out our online catalog.

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With 40 years of experience, coin collector and owner Chad knows how to properly appraise a coin collection. With meticulous attention to detail, he is able to properly authenticate and place an appropriate value on the coins. Chad commonly travels to multiple trade shows and conventions and is well-known in the community.


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